Summer 2020 Registration Instructions

  1. Select the session you wish to attend (e.g., Decatur Morning, Huntsville Evening, etc.).
  2. You will then be asked to select a testing date and time on a drop down menu. Once you have done so, click "Add".
  3. Then you will come to the "Review and Confirm" page. Make sure there is only one item in your cart with a quantity of "1". If there is, click "Next".
  4. To complete registration, please click on "Register for an Account". Once you have filled out the registration form, click "Submit".
  5. You will then complete your registration by clicking "Next".

Huntsville Bridge Testing Times

To register for a time to take the TABE test, please follow the above instructions starting with number 2.

Bridge FAQs

What class times are available on the Huntsville Campus?

Spring Bridge Program

Math Bridge :  (morning classes) Monday & Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00  or Tuesday & Thursday 10:00 - 12:00

Language Bridge :  (morning classes) Monday & Wednesday 8:30 - 10:00 or Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 - 10:00

Evening Classes: Monday & Wednesday (Math 5:30 - 7:30 & Language 7:30 - 9:00)        


How often do the new Bridge sessions start? (Monthly, quarterly, etc) Bridge Classes utilize the Calhoun Mini-Mester. 

Can I select the class time that works best for me? Absolutely!  We offer a variety of times on both campuses to try to meet student need.

When do new classes begin each semester? Bridge Classes always follow the Calhoun Community College schedule for the Mini-Mester and Exams.

What are my next steps once I complete bridge classes? Upon successful completion of your Bridge class you should be able to register for your credit bearing course.

Will I need books for the classes? Bridge Classes are free!! We even provide the use of the books!

How big are the classes? One of the theories behind the Bridge concept is keeping the class smaller so the students have more help from the instructor.

What’s the difference in remedial courses vs. bridge? Out-of-pocket/Pell Grant Expense vs. the Bridge program which is completely free!

How/when do I register? Every Monday at 8 am & 5 pm on the Decatur Campus & Every Wednesday at 12:30 pm on the Huntsville campus. Please have your ID and your ACT, Accuplacer or Compass scores with you. Be prepared to stay 3 hours as there is a test involved.

What do I do when I’ve completed bridge? Will I automatically be able to go to the next level? Everyone's situation is a little different.  Your instructor should clearly tell you what your next step will be at the beginning of each Mini-Mester and then on and individual basis at the end.

Does Bridge count toward my financial aid to make me full-time? No, Bridge courses do not count toward your Financial Aid.  

Does Bridge honor my ADA accommodations? Absolutely. You’ll just need to provide us with your accommodations letter.

Do I earn a grade? Yes. That tells us whether or not you have completed the coursework and retained the knowledge to be able to move into a credit bearing class.

Does Bridge transfer? My family is moving next semester… This answer depends completely on the college you are transferring to. Have we seen it transfer? Yes

What if Bridge doesn’t work with my schedule? Always check the campus Bridge coordinator to see if anything can be done.  Otherwise, there is always the following mini-mester.

I failed ENR 094 or MTH 098, is Bridge a good option?  Bridge is a perfect option!

How long is the test for Bridge? 3 hours maximum

Do you offer Bridge classes at night? Yes  

Why isn't Bridge testing offered at night or on weekends? It is offered at night on the Decatur Campus.  We don't offer weekend testing because we don't offer weekend classes.

Do I have to take a bridge class? You are not required to take a Bridge Class, however it is a fantastic option! 

Can I elect to take Math 100/English 101? Having met the appropriate placement/pre requisite requirements you absolutely can.      

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